Friday, August 19, 2005

Real World .....Dubai?

So what do you get when you cross a bunch of teachers with ladies night? Yup....wasted!!! Not that I would know...but you hear rumors. Yes, you heard it here...people in Dubai enjoy the night life. In fact, they take drinking as seriously as camel racing, staying cool, and shopping. I believe there is some sort of code at my new school that requires "old"teachers to take the newbies out on the town and shock the hell out of them. Guess worked. First night in town, Rachel (basically the R.A./mother hen of my apartment complex) decided we needed to experieince a Dubai ladies night. It works much like it does in the states....except you don't pay for a darn thing the whole darn night. Walk in the door and you recieve 4 (yes 4!!) free drinks. This particular bar, Boston Bar, hosts a live band.....not skeered of Bon Jovi and Micheal Jackson and thouroghly encourages individuals to break it down on the bar. Dancing on the bar? Where am I? After witnessing a 50 year old co-worker and kindergarden teacher make her debut on the bar, I decided to throw all my preconcieved notions about the Middle East out the window. P.S. I am happy to report that I DID NOT, i repeat, DID NOT engage in such ludacrcis and immature behavior (maybe next time?). So, off it was to yet another bar to experience yet another ladies night (it is rumored that if you are of the female persausion you NEVER have to pay for drinks in Dubai. You simply hop from one Ladies Night to the next). At the next bar, ladies recieved2 free drinks and free admittance into the club. You do the math. We spent the next few hours mingling among locals and ex-pats alike.....simply soaking it all up. Soaking it all up and maybe, just maybe, bustin' a few moves on the dance floor. The party does not seem to stop here. I don't know what people do for a living but i think it is safe to assume no one works before 11 a.m. Suffice it to say, that I am pleased with my decision to venture to Dubai...I do beleive we are a good match. Now if I could only figure out how to fit work into the schedule....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Girls at Noonan's Posted by Picasa

Say Hello...Wave Goodbye

So two weeks from today I will be officially living in the Middle East. I am trying desperately to wrap my head around this reality, but it is proving to be quite a challenging task. It is not really hard to imagine myself there...the challenge is trying to imagine myself away from here, surrounded by the ones I love. So naturally, I have busied myself this summer with the "task" of visiting old friends and spending time with new ones. Thus, inevitably, this summer has been marked with many cheerful reunions and tearful goodbyes. Although, I'm trying to not think of them as "goodbyes"...."farewells", "see ya soons", and "peace outs" all seem less final. Despite what many of my students think, I have every intention of coming back to U.S. soil in one piece, that is to say, not getting shot, kidnapped, blown up, or sold into white slavery. And to prove that I am not any of the above mentioned as well as to avoid saying anymore goodbyes I am starting this blog. Apparently, everyone does this now.....who knew people had such fascinating lives? Anyway, I'll try my darndest to keep y'all updated. Any encounters with camels, single male oil tycoons, or Tiger Woods will be included so check frequently!!!! By the end of this two year stint you will probably know more about me than you ever cared to (especially if the whole making friends thing doesn't pan out). Oh, and as soon as I figure out how the hell to add photos....I'll share those with you as well...okay? So, I guess this is it....wish me luck!!!

Peace Out ~ Ellen

Just a piece of advice :

If you are ever feelin' down, maybe a little blue, unloved, etc....move to the Middle East!!!! I have NEVER felt so loved as I do right now!! Thanks for all your support, advice, thoughts and prayers!!! Hey, wait a that I'm thinkin about it....maybe you all are just really happy to see me go? I'm gonna stick to my first theory...just for mental health sake!!