Thursday, September 01, 2005

So how do I sum up all that has happened to me in the last 10-15 days? Before I left for Dubai, I imagined many quasi-lonely nights where I fill the void of home writing blog excerpts and crying into my pillow. Fortunately, the latter is absolutely untrue (unless of course you count the time(s?) I woke up with a POUNDING headache caused by, well…see “ladies night” below. Point is….I have had little down time. Each minute has been filled, either with shopping for my new abode (which despite how glorious this sounds…going to IKEA and Carrefour are easily the last places on earth I ever want to set foot in again), working, meeting new people and developing fast friendships, and how do I put this gently…consuming copious (wink, wink Nora!!) amounts of beverages, generally of the alcoholic persuasion. So I figure I will briefly try and describe the above mentioned events as a way of apologizing for my horrible attempts at keeping in touch.

Bur Dubai
My new home is a 1 bedroom located in Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai is a thriving little commercial/residential area near the Creek overflowing with places, within walking distance, to go such as resturaunts, coffee shops, stores (especially electronic stores it seems), hotels/bars, and grocery stores. Having a car seems at this point irrelevant. For a small price taxis and your feet (the price you pay being encountering the intense heat. It is tolerable, but most often, unforgiving) will gladly take you anywhere you want to go. My cute little apartment is quickly becoming home… favorite part? Hands down, the pool!!!! I guess the only down side I have detected about life in Bur Dubai, is the commute to work. Every morning we are picked up by a bus and shuttled off to Dubai American Academy. It is not too terribly far away but the traffic SUCKS!!!! Perhaps no worse than rush hour on 66.

Dubai American Academy
My new school is located near Jumeria Beach, very close to the Burj al Arab (the crazy expensive hotel that looks like a sail). In fact I can see the Burj outside my classroom window….kinda bizarre. Also viewable from my classroom window is the, what will one day be “the largest mall in the world”…..complete with an indoor ski slope!!!!! No joke!!!! Dubai is all about excess and being the world’s best. This translates into many rich people with big dreams building over the top buildings. I think, perhaps, EVERTHING in Dubai is under construction.

Anyway, back to my school, let’s just say it is not a public school!! I think this is most transparent in the fact that their really are no standards that students have to be accountable for. I can’t tell yet if I like this concept but the school itself is great!!! The faculty is probably one of the nicest and fun groups of people out there. Everyone has so many tales of travel and life abroad. It makes for an inviting atmosphere to work in!!! In addition, I benefit from the fact that they believe providing the best education and are willing to cough over the funds to make this happen. What that means for me is that I get state of the art technology at my fingertips. My classroom is outfitted with a Promithean White Board (like a smart board but better) and a lap top!!!!! Yeah!!! Truly seems too good to be true.

My New Homies
Life in Dubai has proven to be an easy transition. Everything is so westernized…to the point that I rarely feel like I’m in the Middle East. However, I don’t think it would have been such an easy transition without my new crew of friends/coworkers. Key players :
· Teresa – Canadian, high school English teacher, so friggin cute, and easily my closest friend here. We share many, many, many laughs
· Brad – Minnesotan, high school Math teacher and all around funny guy. His favorite game to play is “see how much Ellen does not know about Minnesota” (BTW…I know NOTHING about Minnesota).

So many more characters to describe but this will have to do for now....must go plan for tomorrow because I am going toThe Black Eyed Peas concert tonight!!! Crazy huh?


Blogger Will said...

Happy to hear you're living the good life in Dubai. The place sounds utterly ridiculous, but absolutely fantastic. So far I imagine it as a cross between Las Vegas and South Beach Miami. I'm sure that doesn't do it justice, but those are the only points of reference I've got! Make sure you get some pictures of all this craziness posted sometime - I'm dying to see what this place looks like.

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